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Download your 6-Step Premium Guide (Ebook/pdf) - How to set up your business in Germany

Reach out and discover new horizons! With a purchasing power of approx. 37 kEUR per capita per annum and 82,9 million people (2017) Germany is an attractive market for all kinds of businesses. With 33% of sales achieved by entrepreneurial as well as small and medium sized companies the German market offers vast opportunities and incentives for smaller businesses to thrive.  This guide shows you step by step, how to set up a business in Germany, which options and pitfalls there are and offers you additional useful links for further research. The author, German-British author Victoria Willcox-Heidner, is an experienced German lawyer, tax advisor and specialist advisor in international tax law and offers further individual advice in her independent tax and law practice. If you want to find out how to expand your business to Germany get your 6-step guide (pdf/e-book) now. - File provided via Digistore24.